Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Last Time...

My parents tell me that I have such a short time to say goodbye to people and that I should consider arranging a party/drinks to kill several birds with one stone.  And to have one last night with those who I love the most.  My parents friends had become like family and I needed to see them all before I left and this would be the perfect way to say goodbye.  A local hotel was booked and drinks were planned.  Everyone was invited, but I knew full well that not everyone I wanted to come would be able to.  I wanted to invite His brother and girlfriend and baby and I wanted Mr. T to come too, but this would be far too obvious wouldn't it?

Mr. T and I were still exchanging texts and having encounters.  I liked the fact that I trusted him so much not to judge my actions.  I really am just a sweet girl, but I had needs and he was able to fulfil them very well.  We had made a friendship through it also which was lovely.  Killing more birds with one stone!

My oldest school friends were all busy the night of my leaving party the weekend before my Thursday departure so I arranged to go out for dinner with them.  There were five of us and it felt surreal.  Mr Wells and Sabrina had travelled when they were eighteen and come away to Australia.  S-J had recently got back from travelling Asia and Miss Handsome had been in the middle east until Christmas.  Miss Hnadsome had picked me up and we were driving over there and when I got into the car she announces that she has made balloon animals in the shape of a crocodile and a kanagroo as an ode to my trip.  It was extremely sweet and made me smile!

We all arrive at the resturant and sit down and decide that we don't need a glass of wine, but bottles! I love that my friends are wine addicts like me!  We order our wine and food and get down to conversation.  I think they were all sittign there in disbelief that I was doing this.  I could see the excitement for me though and I was touched.  Then they all pull out presents and cards for me.  Wow.  I really wasn't expecting this.  I didn't know that presents were done for occassions like this.  I wanted to cry with joy at the amazing people that I knew.

Mr Wells had written me a lovely card and had put a $20 note in.  Sabrina also had written a beautiful card and given me a travel journal.  Miss Handsome gave me the funniest kangaroo pen called Kevin that had a floppy arm.  It was beyond funny!  We had a lovely meal and went for a couple of drinks after and then Sabrina, M-J and Miss Handsome decided to head home.  It was the last time I saw Sabrina and S-J.

Kelly (Ali's sister) had joined Mr Wells and I, and we decided to carry on.  Yup I got extremely drunk again!  It was the start of an extremely busy/drunk/hungover few days....

Until Next Time... xx

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