Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Best Speech Ever...???

So time is ticking and I am looking forward to my leaving drinks.  There was a random assortment of people all fitted into one bar.  I had my family, my families friends, my old colleagues from a supermarket that I worked at as a student and then my dear dear friends.

I am not usually a big drinker.  Well that is a lie, I never used to be a big drinker but I had kind of built up my tolerance and had become someone what of a party girl in the last few weeks.  Anyway I degress... I arrive at the hotel/bar and obviously we are the first to arrive, I needed to be there before everyone since it was in aid of me!  Gradually people start arriving and buying me drinks and giving me cards... I was actually overwhelmed at the kindness and well wishes of the people I knew.  What a lovely bunch of people...

Their kindess overwhelmed me to the point that I decided I just needed to get more drunk to deal with all this.  I was not going to cry, I am not a crier!  My dad and his friends decided that buying me shots of pink tequilla would be a great idea.  I definitely do not do shots.  But when someone puts them in your hand you can't exactly say no, it was rude.  So I did them!  Some time into the evening my friend BabyKanga came over from across the road where he was going with a leaving shot!  And instead of saying no or even questioning what was in the cup he gave me, it was gone!  That is the point at which I stop remembering the night and the point at which what I am going to tell you next is from what other people have told me.

I was standing speaking to Daffyd and I hear someone shout speech.  Oh Crap!  My face was apparently a bit oh goodness don't make me do this.  And they shouldn't have...

... So I am standing, all eyes on me and I start talking:

"So I would like to thank everyone for coming.  I don't actually like most you I think you are a bunch of "word that will not be mentioned" thanks again for coming and Happy Easter"... Silent room.  Cue awkwardness.  Cue me realising what I had said.  Cue a LOT of apologies....

Once the party had finished I went on to town with my loved ones.  I couldn't really stand and yet again my dad has to take me home.  My mum was still awake when we got in and apprently I was cuddling her a lot and I needed her to put my pyjamas on for me because I could not hold my head let alone get undressed!  God bless my mother!

I awake to around 50 text messages from the night before and several facebook/whatsapp and tweets about the night before.  Oh crap, time to face the music.  I made a public facebook apology for what I had said the night before and decided that I had to apologise in person to many people.  I got up and did what I had to do.  On my rounds.. it was particularly late I was saying goodbye to someone and was heading to Miss Cupcakes.  I pull up to a roundabout and stop because there is something coming and CRUNCH... the mini got hit.  Hard.  I was thrown forward which caused me to get whiplash and I started crying.  How and why was this happening to me.  I am not going to go into it all rather just telling you because Su the Mini is a big part of the blog and it was a significant event in what happened before I left.  My parents sorted it and it was all ok.  I was devestated when the garage came to collect her from the drive.  I knew it was the last time that I would see her.  I cried.

I also cried when I went to say goodbye to my nephews.  I knew it would be hard as I was extremly close to the middle nephew.  I was avoiding lookign at him, especially when he asked why I was crying so much.  He is a little darling.

I went out again, I think it was pretty much every night for my final two weeks.  I made a point of seeing Ali, still my lobster.  Not that I wanted to form a relationship or anything with him, just that there was something about this extremely tall guy that just had me hooked.  I think he knew it.  I was really tired that night given all the antics that had been going on so I decided to leave fairly early.  I said goodbye to BabyKanga and then came the final goodbye to Ali.  BabyKanga knew about what we had done, and he knew that there was something between us.  He simply said "you two can go off and say your goodbyes, it's ok".  It was lovely that he had been so perceptive.  It took about half an hour of goodbyes with Ali.  As we started saying our goodbyes Mr. T walked into the pub.  Awkward moment.  He was extremely drunk.  I went outside for a cigarette with him and we just talked.  Albeit loudly because he was so drunk.  Luckily nobody heard what he was saying or the cat would have beenout of the back for sure!  We ended our fun there and then.

I said goodbye to Ali and left without turning back because my eyes were streaming with tears.  What was I doing?  I know some amazing people and I am leaving them all behind.  What was I thinking making this decision and booking that ticket?

Until Next Time... xx

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