Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Final Goodbye...

I know that I have mentioned a couple of things that had made me cry up until now, but I had generally held it together against all the odds.

I finish my packing about half an hour before I was due to leave for the airport.  Which was about 4am!  I had been wreckless with packing.. I figured what I didn't have I wouldn't miss and if needs be there were shops in Australia so I could get anything I needed.

My parents and my older brother were taking me to London Heathrow to catch my flight.  the journey wasn't mearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I didn't feel sad, or excited because it still wasn't real yet.  We arrive at the airport and everyone comes in.  I want to check my bag as soon as possible because the weight of it was stressing me out!  Turns out that I was 9kg over the limit... whoops!  I managed to blag it and not have to pay any extra, happy days!

We all went to get a coffee.  We are all smokers and knowing how long it would be before I would get another one I went outside and chain smoked.  It also meant that I had longer with my family.  My older brother was already crying.  I felt so bad for making him feel like this.  And then came the time that I had to say goodbye.  As I put my arms around my mum I let go and the tears were plenty.  I held my mum for at least five minutes before hugging my dad and finally my brother. 

I walked away.

I walked into the terminal, face forward and not looking back.  I did not want them to see me crying and equally I knew that they were watching me and it would be harder for them than me.  So I just walked.  Through the doors and into a lift.  I got upstairs and went for the nearest toilet to cry on my own for a few minutes.  I could not stem the tears that were falling from my face...

Until Next Time... xx

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