Friday, 14 September 2012

The Great Hunt...

So from South Yarra, to Prahan, to Richmond to Carlton to the city... I was searching high and low for a home.  At this point I didn't really care where I was living I just needed a home, a room and a bed.

I had been looking on real estate and found a corporate house share company that looked quite nice and had arranged to view a room in a house they had going.  I had come across so many weird people and strange houses that I wasn't holding out high hopes.  I got on the tram and sat down and was looking out of the window for stop 126.  The journey was taking ages and I was thinking that this place was going to be in the middle of nowhere.  I had my reservations about being so far from Colin, Tanisha and Keiron too.

Eventually I arrive at 126 and follow the directions given to me by an agent.  I look up at the house and think I must have it wrong because it is bloody huge!  A guy was fixing his car on the driveway of the house and I realised that he must be the guy who is showing me around.  we go into the house and I like it immediately.  It is clean.  And it has a gym!  Not that I would be using the gym.  The room he showed me was next to the kitchen but it was a really nice room, all set up, tv, dvd player, couch, bed etc.  I could live in this room but could I live so far from the city and so far from Colin and Tanisha?  I was so confused.  I was desperate for somewhere to live.

At my point of indecision, a man dressed in only a towel walks out from the next room and says hello.  Maybe I can live here.  I tell the agent guy on the spot there and then that yes I will take the room.  The Towel Guy was pretty!...

Until Next Time... xx

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