Friday, 14 September 2012

Endings and Beginnings...

After much waiting, me and Colin finally managed to be in the same place at the same time and I went back to their flat.  I got straight on the blower and the internet (I had purchased a WiFi stick because it was costing me more in coffee to use the free internet at Macca's) and with about 10 minutes to spare until the end of the day I found a serviced apartment for me a Keiron.

We had decided that as adults we could share a bed and be cool with it.  It would be cheaper this way.  That and we had both been on couches and the floor for over a week and were desperate for the comfort of a bed.  That was the best nights sleep I had had in some time.  Given that before I had departed the UK I had a lot on my mind.. It was after all a big move that I was considering.

We still saw Colin and Tanisha everyday, usually in the evenings because Keiron and I were working at this point.  He had scored a job in a garage and me in the boutique.  We would work and then head to Colin and Tanisha's for dinner.  Whilst we were staying there we had all chipped in a considerable amount for food, so it made sense to go there and have dinner.  Besides as satisfactory as the serviced apartment was, it wasn't amazing, and the more time we could spend out of there the better.

To tell you about my job.. I loved it!  Barb was awesome and became a really good friend.  I also met an amzing girl called Alana, another person who became the second of my Australian friends :-)  It wasn't rocket science working in the shop but it was nice and friendly and fun.  And I worked with really cool people who made me laugh.  Me and Barb were always laughing and I spoke to her about everything.  I even told her about my Sydney experience which made her laugh, but made her appauled at the situation also.  It was a matter of days before I was given a set of shop keys and ran the shop by myself.  I would generally work with Barb, but we worked independently at the beginning and the end of the day. 

I went to a BBQ with Colin and Tanisha and their friends, and they were all really lovely, but there was something that just wasn't me and I felt my usual awkward self.  I needed to eradicate this but I didn't know how.  I had been introduced to Jolene previously and when she said she was going to leave I realised that this was my perfect opportunity to leave too.  I made my excuses said my goodbyes and left.  Jolene was such a cool girl, and we got on immediately when we first met.  I got back to the serviced apartment and slept.  It felt so good.

After realising the cost of the apartment, Colin and Tanisha had said that the boiler was fixed and that we could go back to theirs and whilst again it wasn't the ideak situation we got to save a bit of money and it made sense.  Until the next day when they sat me down and said that I had a day to find somewhere else.  I was already going crackers on the hunt because at this situation was not good for any of us, but to have this time limit again was making it so much harder.  I was going crazy on the house hunt...

Until Next Time... xx

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