Saturday, 15 September 2012

Welcome To Clarence Street...

So I went to the office to sign the papers to take the lease on the room in Brunswick East.  Eeeeek!  Now t all felt very real.  I was living in Melbourne.

I went back to Colin and Tanisha's to pack up my things and move out.  When I got back it was just Colin home and he offered to help take my things up to the house.  I had my dinner and waited for Keiron to come home, and then as Tanisha wasn't back Keiron got the cab with the luggage with me.

I pay the cab driver and heave my ridiculously heavy and badly packed bag (all the heavy things were on one side of the holdall, so it flipped over when pulling) up to the door of the house.  I manage to get my key in the lock whilst almost juggling all my things and open the door to... four guys.  Four hot guys. 

Welcome home :-)

I introduced myself and said hello and went into my room to unpack my clothes because I dodn't want them to get screwed up.  It was quite late and in my hurry to move into the house that evening I hadn't properly packed and everythign was screwed up as it was.  I go back out to put cereal in my kitchen cupboard and turn around to speak to the four guys on the sofa and realise that with clothes on I have absolutely no idea which one was the guy wearing just a towel!  I also didn't care that much because I suppose they could all be hot in their own ways.  A minor bit of chit chat later and they tell me their names, which I forget almost immediately and they tell me a bit about the house.  Apparently there is a lovely girl called Ruthy who also lives in the house and she is a lesbian.  This fact is one of the first things they tell me. I am unsure why, it doesn't bother me if someone is gay, straight or otherwise.

I went back into my room to finish and once done, I didn't want to come out of the room.  I was scared!  It was ridiculous, I was bursting for the toilet and wanted a drink.  I stayed in my room all night...

Until Next Time... xx

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