Friday, 14 September 2012

Sydney Baby... Part Two...

...Venturing out into the Sydney sun we walk through the city and I am extremely excited.  It was like nothing I had experienced... Almost a sunny London.  We walked through the city, laughing and joking.  It wasn'y how it used to be but it was a definite improvement.  This did not last the whole day.  We went to the two places specified on my list and I thought this was extremely lovely of him especially since I know that he had visited several times and had absolutely no interest in going whatsoever.

They were beautiful even though the clouds had become overcast:

After the essential tourist destinations he takes me to buy postcards and then we decide to walk through the Bontanical Gardens closeby.  They are also beautiful:

At this point my feet start to hurt because we have walked so far.  My pace starts to slow and he starts to get annoyed.  I try to explain that my feet hurt, but by this point we had become so distant in conversation it felt like we had never met before and that if we were going to meet that we would not be friends.  I had two more days of this.  I hadn't eaten all day and it was late afternoon and I was starting to get a bit light headed from the lack of food.  Just the suggestion almost seemed like an insult to him.  We were sitting in a pub (which didn't serve food) and he was like, well you get food and I'll wait here for you.  Charming.  I did that.

Getting back to him after I had found a Hungry Jacks (Burger King if you are English!) and suggested that we headed back.  I was not looking forward to enduring the evening with him.  But I needed a night out in Sydney.  I didn't get one.  We just stayed at his house drinking.  I needed to drink more to get through this.

After a few, there was a knock at the door and so casually IG and TPG just shout "come in, the door's open"... it could have been anyone.  It turned out to be a bunch of Italians, a very pretty Canadian and a Chinese girl.  Random mixture.  They invited us to their house because they were celebrating.  We ventured down to their house at the end of the street and my night gets worse.  They do however have internet connection which means I can connect my iPhone and call home.  I was on the phone to my brother for at least an hour and whilst telling him how much TPG had changed I also got the chance to tell him how much I loved Australia so far.  I don't think that TPG even noticed that I had left the room.  He was back to his arrogant self.  What on earth had happened to him since departing Heathrow?  I got stoned.

I set my alarm before I went to sleep so that I could get up early, utilise the WiFi and call Miss Cupcake.  I told her everything about how much TPG had changed and what an awful time I was having with him.  I was on the verge of tears at this point.  I told her I just wanted to go back to the comfort of Melbourne and she said to just leaving.  Tell TPG that he is being an ass and that I will make my own way back to the airport and get myself out of there.  I was reluctant to admit that I had been wrong and I wanted to stick it out.  Though now looking back I have no idea why.  I did though I stuck it out.  I was so excited for the weekend to be over.  The day before I left he took me out to a music festival and we just had a few beers together like old times.  Old times apart from no flirting, no touching, ni kissing and no liking of each other whatsoever.  It appeared I frustrated him just as much as he frustrated me.  How on earth did we get on so well in the UK but were like arch enemies in Australia?  It made absolutely no sense at all.  We spoke about my trip to Sydney and I told him how much I was hating it, and how much of an arse I thought he was.  I also told him that I thought he had changed and that I was wondering where the nice guy went.  We ended uo going round in circles and just agreed all round that this clearly did not work and that at least we could call a truce and just be civil until my departure the following day.

I had booked an early flight back to Melbourne because I knew TPG and IG had to start work early on the Monday morning.  I was beyond excited at the thought of getting up and leaving.  We departed his house and set off for the city.  We stopped at a nearby 7eleven and he bought us all coffee.. without asking he just presumed that I wanted one.  Yes I am being pedantic now!  We get to the train station and we all need to take different platforms.  We get to mine first and he hugged me goodbye.  Well that was weird.  Why on earth would he do that, we had argued all weekend and now he was nice.  He finished the hug with a kiss on the cheek.  I climbed the stairs with my case and on reaching the top step I burst into tears at the situation.  I was gutted.  Once again...

Until Next Time... xx

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