Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sydney Baby... Part One...

I land... I call The Perfect Gent to let him know.  I almost run through the airport and it is fate that as I reach the luggage carousel my bag is right in front of me.  I actually pick up the pace and run at that point!  I just wanted to get out and see him.

SO.  I get out and.... Nothing.  He wasn't there.  I go red.  I called him to see where he was and he says that he was running late and wouldn't make it in time but to get a train and he would meet me at Central.  Seriously?  Yes apparently he was serious.  And I didn't have much choice.  So I had flown across the world, I could do this no worries.  I was pissed off though.  I got to Central, to the designated place we had arranged to meet, and for someone who had never been there I did rather well and deserved a pat on the back for that one!  Anyway I got there and he wasn't there.  I call again.  I realise at this point, that the way I am calling him is making me look bad and dependent.  Which was exactly what I was trying to avoid.  I just had no choice, I was in a foreign city and a little bit scared if truth be told.  So he isn't at the place we arranged to meet and then when I get hold of him on the phone he says that yet again he didn't make it.  Can you even begin to imagine what was going through my head.  I was more infuriated than anything else.  Then his phone dies.  OMG... I am stranded!  Luckily his friend calls me and thankfully he seems a little more polite than "The Perfect Gent" (This is where I start regretting calling him that for the purpose of this blog!)  He explains where they are and how to reach them.  There is a them?  It's not just me and him tonight?  I was more annoyed at the fact I was on my own right now to be too concerned with anything else.  So I get on a bus.  Three modes of transport across a country and city in a few hours *sighs heavily as I write*... but I am on the bus venturing north and looking for a pub.  Needle in haystack springs to mind.  I could have growled at this point I was so angry.  Again it was a journey that was hot and I was feeling disgusting and no matter how frusrated I was I wanted to look amazing when I saw the Perfect Gent.

The bus pulls up and low and behold he is standing there.  He is wearing a slightly chavvy cap if I am being honest but he still looks amazing!  And handsome!  How could I be angry at him?  I get into the pub and he introduces me to his friends and I have never felt so out of place in my life.  That and I have no idea what their names are and one of them has a very thick irish accent which I just do not understand.  And can you tell how the evening went from there?

After finishing our drinks, we go and get oizza and back to Wombat's house (I gradually picked up his name, but I felt stupid calling him that!)  Wombat's house brought just a plain awkward situation.  I ended up smoking with the Irish Guy (IG) and hoping that normality with The Perfect Gent (TPG) will resume.  IG ends up disappearing and me and TPG  are alone.  We are walking home and I realise that nothing is as it was before he left.  My heart sank at this point and I realise that I had put far too much hope into the situation.  I had literally put all my eggs in this basket and this imaginary fairytale and I feel stupid.  Getting back to TPG's house, IG is already there and they are out the back drinking and smoking.  It seems a very nice set up, nice people and a very sociable atmosphere.  I start to prematurely panic about bed time.  What is the sleeping situation? Come bed time TPG shows me to his room (which he shares with IG) and says that he and IG will take the couches and I can have his room.  Kind of grateful on two counts.  Firstly, I was pissed at him and secondly after the last time we shared a bed he left me bruised!

The next morning comes and he asks what I want to do.  Clearly I want to see Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge.  Hell I was in Sydney!  We venture off out for the day and it was sunny which put a nice spin on things.  But still, there was something that just wasn't right...

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