Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bomb Squad...

So new country means starting from scratch.  I needed a tax number a bank account a job etc etc.  Keiron and I decided beforehand that we could do these things together because we both needed to get them done.

First thing is first I am cut off from the world... I have an english phone with limited credit which would be darn expensive to use.  I had no internet connection.  I literally felt cut off from the twenty-first century.  I manage to get to a McDonalds (or Macca's) to get to free WiFi just to let my mum know I had arrived safely and was hoping to have the lack of connection sorted as soon as possible.

...So the text for The Perfect Gent... yes he text me.  When I had got to Colin and Tanisha's.  Wow.  Butterflies.  He hadn't forgotten me!  It felt almost instantaneous that he invited me up to Sydney to stay with him.  Could not keep the grin off my face.  I was relcutant to run to him, but Tanisha said it would be a great experience and that if nothing else I got to go to Sydney!

A lot was going on all at the same time so I apologise if this post is a little choppy in terms of how I am explaining things.  This is kind of how it happened though.  So I decided to walk up Chapel Street to look for a retail job.  Just something to bring in a bit of money whilst I was working out a longer term plan.  I walked into a little boutiqey type shop called Metalicus and met Barb.  What a woman.  And she was set to get even better.  I got a job.  There and then, on the spot she hired me.  The economy clearly wasn't suffering the way it was in London.  I started the following week.  Just enough time to get a trip to Sydney in!

So I eventually find a phone shop and assume that if I buy a sim card it will work in my iPhone because I had got in unlocked in the UK.  Wrong.  Fail.  It didn't work.  I spent $50 on a cheap phone just so thta I could have something to connect to the rest of the world with.  You really don't realise how reliant you are on a mobile phone until the use of one is taken away from you.  Phew I feel so much better.  I can also call The Perfect Gent.  I had spoken to him on Viber a couple of times whilst I was still at home, but it was just amazing to hear his voice.  He convinces me that Sydney is a great idea and I book flights for the following day.  I had already fallen for this guy and even after months I hadn't climbed out of like/love/lust/fancy with him!

Since it was quite squishy at Colin and Tanisha's it was a relief for all of us to have a little more space.  So I get a cab back to the airport.  It was only an hour flight, but I felt like I had spent just too much time on planes recently.  However I was overly excited to see The Perfect Gent, this took the sting out of it.  I got to the airport slightly early, but by doing so I managed to get a nice seat with extra legroom.  Dependant on the fact that i would be willing to open the energency doors in event of in flight evacuation.  Bloody hell.  Still it was definitely worth it!  I proceed to go to security.  the usual rigmarole, this time with less belongings!  As I walk away from the other side of the conveyor belt I get stopped.  "Madam please can you step this way...."

I "step this way" thinking bloody hell what is it with me.  "Madam we need to test you and your belongings for explosives.  Do you consent to this check?"  I nodded.  Of course I didn't mind, do I look like a terrorist??!!!  Obviously my bags and person are clear but still!  I end up sitting around waiting for a couple of hours and then it is boarding time.  I get my flight to New South Wales and Sydney...

Until Next Time... xx

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