Thursday, 13 September 2012

Chivalry Is Dead...

So I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't secretly hoping that The Perfect Gent would be waiting at Melbourne Tullamarine airport to declare his undying love for me.  Because I did.  I wanted 'the' fairytale and that fairytale would have sufficed to satisfy the dream!  However this is me, and this is life.  He wasn't there waiting.  Slightly gutted.

I was heading to South Yarra, a suburb next to the city and decided to hail a cab.  On one pulling up, the driver got out and opened the boot.  He then gestured me to put my bags in the boot.  30kg.  I looked at him hoping he would be a gent, but nope.  I lifted them into the boot... it took me a while, and just thought "well chivalry is dead".

Driving away from the airport is where I breathe and think well, I am on my own and have no idea where I am going.  In the cab and in life.  After about fourty five minutes we pull up at a place that looks like a hotel.  I get out and once again the cab driver gets out to open the boot, but again gestures me to do the lifting.  Bloody hell.  I pay him and walk to the gate a push the buzzer.  Colin answered and he asks if I need help with my things and that he would be right out.  Ah, see English men know how to do it!

He meets me and we walk a short way into the building that they live in.  I should have mentioned earlier probably that although Melbourne was going into winter it was still very warm.  This being said I had just flown to the otherside of the world in several layers of clothes, been made to heave ridiculously heavy luggage in and out of the boot of a car, oh and I hadn't had a wash for something like 35-40 hours.  When we get to the door and open it, Tanisha greeted me with open arms.  My response "don't touch me, I smell!" She laughed!  My friend Keiron had arrived from Dubai just days before I had and was staying with them also until he had a place to stay sorted.  They give me the grand tour of their apartment.  It was lovely, for two people.  Perfect size.  But for 4 people it was going to be a squeeze.  As we were about to find out.  Anyway... after about five minutes Tanisha offered me a glass of red and I did not refuse.  We went out to their Paddock at the back and the merriment commenced.  The Perfect Gent text me. 

Welcome to Melbourne...

Until Next Time... xx

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