Thursday, 6 September 2012

And So I Fell...

After that kiss, despite him being drunk I was hooked.  I saw him a lot after that night, even in the lead up to Christmas when you think that everyone will be busy doing their own thing... I saw him.  a lot.

When you do nothing with someone and it is just awesome!  We did nothing and everythign always together.  We went for a walk in the forest, we went and did our Christmas shopping, we went out drinking, we met each others families... I was hook, line and sinker for The Perfect Gent!

One night after Christmas had passed I was going out with Miss Handsome and her cousin and a couple of his friends and I get a text from The Perfect Gent.  He was going to come from TreeTown to Seaford to meet me.  I was grinning like a cheshire cat!  Just knowing that I would be seeing him made me happy as!

Miss Handsome went home early on that evening because she had work early the next day.  And the rest of us continued drinking.  It was the most random bunch of people together though and whilst we were all getting drunker, the conversation slowed to just plain awkwardness!  My little brother was out in Seaford and I also knew that he and The Perfect Gent got on well and that it might stimulate a bit of conversation.  I would like to add that the awkwardness wasn't between myself and The Perfect Gent, but between us and the rest of the group!  The obvious sexual tension didn't help much!

My brother arrived and we had a few more beers and decided to head home.  Since we lived in the same town we shared a cab.  I was drunk enough not to care that I was kissing a guy in the back and my little brother was out of his face enough in the front not to care!  We pulled up at my house and I decided that it would be a great idea to invite The Perfect Gent in.  I left a note on the side for my parents!  That came back to haunt me in the morning!

I am guessing you know what happens next?!  Yep... It was a bit of a frenzy, but a good frenzy!  The man had the body of a god!

I woke up the next morning next to him and all I could think was "oh crap, I look like crap" and "oh dear god, I need a wee but I don't want to have to get dressed in front of him" and "oh god, my parents are downstairs and have read the note".... shame!  But on the other hands I was in bed with an amazing mans arms around me and man it felt so good!

We get up.. venture downstairs (I was bright red with embarrassment!) and I realise that it is my dad's birthday!  I really didn't think this through last night!  I run upstairs to grab his birthday present and The Perfect Gent had to sit through our family ritual of presents and cards and drinks on the morning of birthdays!!  Oh god the shame cannot get much worse.  Can it?!

I try to usher The Perfect Gent out to my car as soon as I can and I drive him home.  I had sunglasses on in an attempt to cover my face, which looked grey and hungover and after about five minutes of silence he makes a joke about the glasses and we laugh.  After all, I live in England and it is the middle of winter.  There is absolutely no need for glasses!

I drop him off we kiss goodbye and I drive off.  Around the corner I call Miss Cupcake through the car and relay the night to her!  Just what you want to hear in the morning!  I think she found it funny as I had previously said "absolutely no way in hell will I ever sleep with this man!" 

I get home and dart straight upstairs avoiding eye contact of any kind!  A few minutes later there was a small tap and my mum walks in... She is grinning... Oh god she thinks it's funny.. just kill me now! She asks if I had a "nice night" and she clearly knows what happened!  She notes that it was all night... Oh Crap... they heard?!  At which point I decided that if boundaries hadn't been pushed far enough that I was going to break the boundaries to a point of no repair and tell my mum everything about what happened.  I confessed that I have never seen "one" that big before and that I was pretty sure he had hurt me!  You think I am saying this in jest... no no, I really did say it!

I continued to see this amazing man for the next two weeks, but it was always tinged with the knowledge that it would all be over as quickly as it started.  He was leaving on the 10th January to go travelling and I was a bit gutted if I am honest.  I liked this guy.  Before he went he made a joke about going to Australia and meeting him... I laughed it off as I couldn't up sticks and leave could I?!

On the day that he left I was beyond gutted.  Didn't quite know how to react.  I knew I liked him I just didn't realise how much!  I knew I had to get on and move on.  That there were plenty more fish in the sea as everyone kept telling me...

Until Next Time... xx


  1. Nice to see you back on the blog. I find you and your story so fascinating.

    More please!

    1. Aw thanks for your comment... I hope to get the updated post out tonight! and then I can start writing about the now! :-)


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