Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sorry It Has Been A While...

Hello Followers,

Just a quick post to apologise profusely for not posting any more of my adventures in ages!  In the next couple of weeks you are going to find out why and I think you will be quite impressed and I hope forgive me for the limited posts of late!  I will be posting again very soon, Missi-Promise!

A big hello to my new readers in Tawaiin, Iraq and Columbia to mention a few... Please enjoy my story so far and get ready for the new features of the blog!

Until We Meet Again... xx


  1. I can't wait with all this suspense! Hurry up and write missi! ;-) x

  2. On the edge of my seat, literally!!! Hurry up and get there!! Not that I'm trying to get rid of you! - D.x.

  3. Hey Missi, you have a talent and should keep writing. 3 months is too long x


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