Saturday, 18 February 2012

If Someone Offers You A 'Seaside Experience' Smile Politely And Say No...

So the following day I woke up all happy at the prospect of seeing The Perfect Gent.  I was being "one of those girls!"  You know, the ones who get all happy when a man comes into their life.  Oh crap.  I didn't want to be one of those girls, but as hard as I tried to fight it, I was.  And it was getting worse.

This wasn't the only reason I was rather giddy with excitement.  You know at this point it was coming up to Christmas, and that in itself makes me excited, but that morning particularly because I had bought my mum tickets to watch a certain girlband in concert at Wembley!  We had been to see them earlier in the year and they were great so I knew I was onto a winner with those tickets!  I had even arranged for her best friend Bella and her daughter to come along too!

So back to the morning I woke up.  I had a bit of a lazy morning.  Lazy but smiley!  We were leaving for Wembley at 3 so I arranged to see The Perfect Gent at 2 to return his forgotten goods... (I realise I didn't tell you what it was and you prob now think it was his pants or something!)... It was an envelope containing vouchers that he had bought as a thank you.  See he was kind as well.  I got dressed ready to go to the concert and went to see him at work.  I hadn't seen him at work before, and I usually go for a guy who wears a suit so this was a bit different, him in his scruffs, unshaven.  I think I liked what I saw.  Still no kissing though.  I hadn't really thought it through.  He was at work and it would not have been appropriate.  So thank you was the closest I got to a kiss!

I got home and Bella was already there waiting to take us to watch the collective heaven of The Saturdays.  The journey there was rather subdued, despite my excitement.  We went for a meal before the show and a few drinks soon sorted the atmosphere.  And it was onto a spectacluar night...

The next day Bella invited us over as a family to have a takeaway with her family, and despite being a weekend, I hadn't made plans.  Sometimes it's nice to be with family and have a quiet one.  That was until The Perfect Gent text me to ask me to go to a gig with him.  He said that it was his favourite band and that he wanted me to hear them.  Awwwww.  And tonight may be the night he finally kisses me.

I drove to Chestercol to meet him and I couldn't find it.  Had to ring him and get him to find me on foot.  And he did.  As it turned out I was only around the corner.  We parked and as he went to get a ticket, I checked my lipstick and got out of the car before he got back.  I was wearing a short dress and heels and I didn't want to loose my dignity!  When he returned he told me I looked really pretty as he handed me the ticket.  Another awwwww.

We almost ran from the car to venue so we didn't miss the band.  As we entered I was very taken aback.  And not in a good way.  Now call me an old lady, but I actually couldn't hear anything!  It was just noise!  And a lot of drunk people.  And me.  Sober.  Oh Crap.

We went straight to the bar and The Perfect Gent already knew what drink I would want, so he ordered and we turned to watch the band.  I felt so out of place.  And I looked it too.  About half hour later they finished their set and The Perfect Gent said he was going to help them pack away and would I be ok on my own?  I couldn't exactly say no.  His best friend was in the band and he was being really nice.  Man.  Within about a minute a guy came over to me and started talking and I thought oh well it beats sitting here on my own looking like an absolute tit!  And after about 5 minutes the guy was asking me if I wanted a 'Seaside Experience'... I was stupid enough to ask what that was!  If you are ever in Chestercol and a man asks you about a 'Seaside Experience'   simply say no thank you and walk away.  You do not even want to know what it is!  Thing was my politeness guilt meant that I couldn't just walk away from the guy and also because I didn't have anywhere to walk to!  And worse, I looked up and The Perfect Gent was looking at me and smiling.  He knew I was there with him.
When he finally returned I introduced him to the weird Seaside guy.  Who asked "oh sorry, are you with her?"  Thankfully he said yes I was.  Ah my knight in shining armour.  After twenty minutes anyway!  We spent a bit longer in the pub and he introduced me to his best friend and then we sat at the bar with drinks just talking.  For some reason I had gone more shy with him, possibly because I was looking at him and thinking "KISS ME, KISS ME, KISS ME!"

Someone came over to ask if we were on a date.  We looked at each other, smiled and The Perfect Gent replied yes.  I continued smiling.  Apparently there were sparks flying everywhere between us.  I think that was the tension of the "why haven't we kissed yet?!"... It did prompt the conversation of why we hadn't kissed.  It was a proper hair-flicking flirting conversation on my part whilst we were both being quite coy!  We did establish that we both wanted to kiss though! 
It had been planned before him asking me if I wanted to go that he would stay at his friends house.  However when I accepted the offer of going to the gig it seemed silly for him to sleep on the couch when I could drop him home so he decided to come back to Treetown with me.  I was kind enough to take his friend home to save him the walk though.  I found out the next day that his friend said I was a nice girl.

I hadn't realised until after we had dropped the friend off that The Perfect Gent was quite drunk, but he was quite funny.  He also put his hand on my leg in an affectionate way.  We pulled up to his house and he said switch off the engine.  And then he said "so are you going to kiss me?"  I believe I smiled shyly and said "no".  If he wanted to kiss me, he could!  And he knew it.  And then... We had lift off.  The sparks turned into a full display of fireworks...

Until We Meet Again... xx


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