Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Rise Of The Serial Kisser...

So I am sure that you will have noticed that as time has moved forwards and as I have started to come to terms with what He did to me, the number of men that enter my life has increased.  You will also notice that the number of men to leave my life at the same time has also increased!  It equates to being a somewhat high turnover, but I refer back to the principles of wholesome, clean, fun (most of the time!)

I read an article in Cosmo which reflected my new dating methods.  My friend Julie, at the time of the end of Me and Him said to me that the world was my oyster and in my confusion of learning the dating game all over again, gave me some advice that I will always carry with me for the rest of my life.  She told me that it was OK to accept dates and I should go on them for practise if nothing else.  And that I should accept and go on as many dates as possible.  So long as I liked them.  I don't think she was advocating going out with random skanks!  She also said that kissing lots of people was fine, that I didn't mean that I would get a reputation that I didn't want.  I have kept this piece of advice, and her words of wisdom with me, and therefore the Kissaholic in me was born!  Back to the Cosmo article... It was explaining the American, and more specifically New York dating system.  I completely agree with the forward nature of seeing several people at the same time unless you specify exclusivity.  This was the system I was working to, however it is something that English people just don't get.  It is not within most English people's mindsets to even think that this was possible.  So the method is likened to a hob.  That you had a few guys (the pans) on the hob at the same time, turning each of them up and down and bringing them to the front and moving them to the back depending on how situations arise and progress.  Thus one may be at boiling point and one guy may still be around but he is just simmering.  Are you following?  Basically the British Cosmo was bringing to the country what I had been exercising for some time.  Would it catch on though?  Or am I going to have to keep my dating method a secret to spare feelings?

...Following the somewhat dangerous liaisons with Mr T, I was invited to a Halloween party hosted by Kelly and this is where we entered the phase of the new crush.

Dressed as Halloween favourite (a black cat - this probably stems back to childhood!) wearing you guessed it leather look black leggings and a sheer black top, my cat face arrived at the party later than most.  Walking in and seeing Mr Wells and Sabrina had dressed as characters from twilight, a very good shout I thought.  I walk in to the kitchen and know only four people and there is some weird tall fella looking, well very tall.

About an hour after I arrived, and a few beers (or vodkas, possibly both, I do not remember!) later I was chatting to Mr Wells, Sabrina and the freakishly tall guy when he decided to actually introduce himself.  "Hi, I'm Ali, Kelly is my step-sister."  Starting to understand the social dynamics of the group a little more now.. A bunch of people in fancy dress with nothing in common standing around in a kitchen making small talk (and breathe.)

I decided at around 11pm that I had had enough of being a cat.  Off with the ears and I went upstairs to take off the cat make-up.  Lucky for me being the prepared person that I am, I had make-up wipes in my handbag.  On coming out of the toilet, I meet Mr Wells who looks rather desperate, but before he had a chance to run in and claim his throne, Sabrina pipped him to the post locking the door at the speed of light.  Mr Wells had no choice but to wait patiently and in his Jager filled wisdom told me that he thought that I should kiss Ali.  I hadn't even noticed that he was trying!  I had thought he was a nice guy though, and as I pretty drunk standing with Mr Wells, I took his advice, but not in quite the same way that he had given it to me.

I had heard several things throughout the night that he was a really nice guy and all that.  And since most people in the room knew my situation with Him, they knew my reluctance when it came to men and the lack of faith I had in the male species.  We were doing some obvious flirting (well this is what I am told, post situation) and it transpired that the kitchen had cleared and people had either gone home or were in the garden smoking (see I told you it was sociable.)  So it was just me and Ali in the kitchen and I ended up kissing him.  Almost as soon as our lips touched there was a sudden uproar of noise from the garden, I looked up to the kitchen window and half a dozen faces were peering in at Ali and I.  I realise now why the room had emptied.  It all seemed like a bit of plan.. One that worked out well for me and Ali!

He said he was heading into town, and whilst I was drunk, and quite fancied him, I couldn't really be bothered to venture into town.  We swapped phone numbers before leaving but then ended up getting in the same cab as town was via my house.  By the time we got to town I decided that I did want to go out after all.  It was just me and Ali when we got into the pub and we ended up kissing like teenagers (in a different corner to where I had been kissing Mr T.)  As I was playing coy I pulled away and turned to look around the pub, and through the doors I saw a neighbour of mine.  I had to do a double take, and as I did I lip read the words "is that your sister kissing some dude?" and a millisecond later my brothers face appeared through the glass.  AWKWARD!

Being six years his senior, I decided oh well.  It wasn't as if I hadn't seen him kiss/flirt with girls (even my friends) and we were both adults.  Nope he had other ideas.  Telling Ali to back off.  This frustrated me.  But that blood being thicker than water fact is true and I felt the need to kind of go with it.  I left with him, when one of the doormen asked him to leave because of his aggressive behaviour.  FFS.  I apologised to Ali and left.

The next morning Ali had left a text on my phone, and he didn't seem phased by my brother.  So I think I found a nice guy...

Until We Meet Again... xx

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