Saturday, 4 February 2012

Do Other People's Opinions Really Count?

Following the words of Julie, I thought that this quote from Bob Marley was very appropriate.  Following my own dating methods, and finding my way in this crazy life, I have come across a lot of judgement.  And a lot of people who think they know better.  Whilst I will hold my hands up and openly say that I do not know it all, I do know the people around me who have my best interests at heart when they give me advice.  I have kept a dignified silence to a lot of people who have somewhat tried to sabotage me and gone for the "at least I know I am the bigger person" approach.  It seems to be working.

So yes, other people's opinions do count, but be selective on whose opinions you give a toss about and whose opinions you just toss to one side because they have dirty hands.

Until We Meet Again... xx

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  1. It sounds like someone has pi**ed you off Missi? Though you seem to have got your frustrations out here politely! I am intrigued though, is it anyone from your blog? X


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