Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I Am A Duck...

This post comes courtesy of a very good friend called Danni Dares (check out her blog: Danni Dares...) during conversation about how we met and our friendship we started talking about our unique selling points, and this prompted similtaneous blogs about our takes on our USP. The story of how we met I feel should be written by her. I say this for two reasons, firstly she is an amazing writer and I would love you to check out her blog, and secondly, I don't actually remember it past meeting via work. The way she tells the story is exceptionally funny, even if I am not painted in the greatest light with the greatest skill for time keeping... read her take!

This is a bit of a serious one (don't worry I put a kooky spin on the end!) for me... This blog is about me telling you my story. It is my take on my life. I have included many good friends along the way, because they make me who I am and are part of my USP. Without Miss Cupcake my year and the events that I have told you about so far would not have been possible. Miss Cupcake isn't just a friend though, she is a best friend. It is people like her that make people like me have something to write about. She always has my best interests at heart and when I tell her things, she doesn't laugh at me, she will laugh with me at all the stupid things I do. Not having a boyfriend, a fiance or a husband is fine, because I have got my special person in her. If a man comes along, he will never steal me away completely, and he has a hell of competition with her to become my joint best friend. I can honestly say that she is one special lady.

Anyway.. where to start detailling a USP... The about me section of this blog, details my many qualities as a person, and I guess that they are qualities that many people have. I recalled conversations that I have had with my friends and family and the same words came up to describe me: kooky, quirky, random, sweet, not tactile, tempremental, nice girl, reluctant, shy, indecisive, organised, opinionated and socially awkward. So the about me section of my blog where I state myself as a walking contradiction is quite accurate according to others.  And so.. it is not the individual qualities that I hold that make me unique.. it is the make up of those qualities all mashed together that make my title: A Walking Contradiction. And it is my friends who make me walk.
Given the unfortunate year combined with these qualities, and you can begin to imagine what sort of person I am right? A bit of a mess? On the outside no. On the outside I hold myself together, I try to present myself well and generally be the together and organised person that people expect me to be. On the inside it is a totally different story. I am a mess of emotion, confusion, ups and downs, but it is this that I am enjoying.. I am working out who I am, and I am having a damn good time doing it.

So. My USP...
I am a duck. Calm and serene on the surface but paddling like heck underneath.

Until We Meet Again... xx


  1. Ah Missi! You crack me up! Can't wait to share how we met! Danni Dares will publish hers tomorrow!! x

  2. This post is refreshing, and you have a very good way of describing things, I thought the duck was very clever well done. Thanks aswell for pointing me towards Danny dares blog I like to check out blogs in my spare time I kind of want to live where you do because it all seems to be happening. Thanks again


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