Friday, 3 February 2012

Oh Crap...

It seems to be a theme for me, saying "oh, crap" but it is a fitting saying for the pickles that I often voluntarily get myself into when both drunk and sober!  I am a drunk texter, I couldn't deny it convincingly if I tried.  I know that I do it, but I haven't learnt my lesson or the ability to control my opposing thumbs. 

...So waking up and realising that an inbox had been made.  Damage control... Nope, no need.  So I couldn't deny it was a long time coming crush, but I was surprised it was reciprocated because it was so wrong on so many levels as I mentioned before.  Therefore if Ladbrokes were to put odds on me and Mr T. getting it on, they would be slim pickings!

There was an inbox for me.. I applied the usual 20 minute rule as instilled in me by S-J and.... No reply until almost a day later!  Now I know how all that works, if "it" (and by "it" I mean anything) is going to happen it doesn't take that long.  However in my typical over thinking, over analysing, girl brain way, I look at logical explanations!  The annoying thing... No telephone number, so I was relying on bloody Facebook, which from experience I realise that not everyone sits in front of a laptop as much as I do, so it is the most unreliable source of communication ever.  Miss Cupcake and Dale were going to have to endure this crush for all of around two weeks until I found a new crush!

It seemed that my love life was fleeting in nature, but was absolutely working a treat!  Yes secretly every girl does look for the one, but sometimes she just realises that the place she is without one can be just as fun.  The only time that I have actually wanted a boyfriend since not having one is when there are couples events, or major holidays (ooh American terminology!) like Christmas/Valentines Day/any other corporate holiday (laughing to myself that I have managed to use americanisms twice in one post as I hate them with a passion) conjured up to spend yet more British pounds on cards and gifts that will be used for a maximum of two weeks (unless it is made by Mulberry or Apple or includes diamonds.)

So the crush on Mr. T... The night after I met him, I was out in the same local pubs as I was treating it as a whole birthday weekend.  I bumped into Mr T's friends whom I had met the night before.  Did I have any recollection of him.. No!  Until he reminded me that his friend had his face glued to mine for most of the previous evening.  Oh yeah!  We chatted for a bit, whilst smoking (must knock that on the head, but it is such a social habit!) and he turned out to be a friendly chap.  Slightly concerning to be known as the 'girl who kissed our friend' but a title that I think I have kept to this day! The friend who is going to need to be named for future reference will be known as LL decided to tell me that I was choice of conversation on the walk home the previous night.  But that it was man tallk and I probably didn't want to know what had been said.  What did that mean?  Miss Cupcake told me that it was probably of a filthy nature and that I should know that given the trousers that I was wearing.  I ignored it, but was pleased that me and my trousers had left an impression.

Nothing came of the crush.. the sporadic inboxes dried up and that was that.  I still always saw LL out though.  And as predicted someone new took my fancy by the end of the month, so Mr T. had lasted a record breaking 2 and a half weeks on my crush list...  Though he was never "just forgotten" because now there was unfinished business between us.  Whilst I'm not someone who sleeps around (as you know from my blog) I am also intrigued by a variety of things.  Things that are not satisfied from a (very) drunk kiss in the corner of the local!  I wasn't necessirily looking to start anything or get into anything, maybe just to finish things...

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