Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like Prawns...

Having been best friends with Miss Cupcake our whole adult lives and since she formed her role as my friendship rock early on in the Him saga, I started become very comfortable in her home.  It transpired that as Dale was working away a lot as part of his job, I was at Miss Cupcake's house most evenings.  I did not realise the comfort I felt in her house until one day I walked in and simply opened the fridge just to see what she had in!  Apparently I did this regularly and didn't even realise.  Now there is comfort!  (What is it about just having a look in someone else's fridge?!)...

So, on opening the fridge, I had a little root around, why not?!  When I came across a pot of prawns and some jellied eels (gross!)... I went on to actually quiz her about the items in her own fridge!  She said that Dale had been walking home from town a couple of days previously and had stopped by a fish stall on his way back so he bought himself the jellied eels and he knew how much she liked prawns so bought her a pot.  I was already giggling, but in a way that was affectionate towards his thoughtfulness.  Then Miss Cupcake came out with the now title of this post: "nothing says I love you like prawns"... Well that was me gone for around ten minutes.. I believe I shed a tear of sheer joy at the brilliance at what had come out of her mouth. 

It leads me to a question: would I rather have a gift that I thought I wanted (a new iPad, jewellery etc) or a surprise pot of prawns?  Now, do not mock the prawns as I think I would choose the prawns every time.  The fact that Dale had stopped to buy himself something and then suddenly thought "she would like them" says so much more than spending a fortune (which lets face it, most people put on credit since we have entered the recession, which means that they aren't actually buying it anyway!)  And for the couple of quid that he had spent, Dale actually invested in the prawns, his girlfriend (hopefully his future wife) and my happiness.  Also for his couple of pounds he also invested in a sentence and moral that I think will stay with me for the rest of my life.  And the fact that I have shared this with you means his couple of pounds has gone even further.  So really, nothing does say I love you quite like prawns.  Thank goodness he didn't buy her crabs or that moral and this blog post would be completely different!

Dale has gone on to provide many laughs with the way that he thinks/doesn't understand humour or women, but what often makes it more funny is that he doesn't have a clue that it is funny and often gets angry at how funny I find things.  This has often meant that he has gone for several hours, days, weeks where he will not speak to me.  It is nothing to do with the fact that I am being mean, because if anything it is a compliment that I find what he says funny.  But he doesn't know how to laugh at himself or understand the concept of sarcasm.  And with the majority of things that come from my mouth having a sarcastic tone, my relationship with Dale is often strained.
I will give Dale his due, I have made more use of his mortgage in the past year than he has.  I refer back to the nature of his job, as a long distance lorry driver sometimes it is just not feasible for him to come home and he is often away Monday to Friday.  Also on the occasions that he is at home and I am there, he has to listen to me and Miss Cupcake trawl through my daily dramas, and if you are following this blog you will know that there are a fair amount of dramas that happen.  And naturally as women, we metaphorically deconstruct the male mind, anatomy and dating system.

My Birthday came around.. bringing several new conversations between Miss Cupcake and I.  Starting with a meal at Nando's with Jackie and Emma.  As a previous market town that has grown considerably since I moved here 20 years ago, we are still only gradually getting basic amenities like Nando's that other larger towns had had for months. 

Anyway, as an introductory offer and on the proviso that we gave feedback, we were given vouchers for a free meal at the newly opened restaurant.  However on being given the feedback form I noticed that we had to give our age.  And the boxes were as follows: 18 and Under, 19-24, 25-31 etc.  I had gone up a box.  This was a life defining moment.  I felt that no longer was I in the young adult box, nope, I was in the fully fledged adult box.  Oh crap.  Does that mean I have to learn to be more responsible?  That I have less time to find a man to marry and have babies with?  That I have less time to find a man I even like, let alone want to spend the rest of my life with and bear his children?!   Well well well.  Who'd have thought chicken and chips could be so deep.
Also being the time of turning twenty five meant lots of going out and celebrating.  Which inevitably lead to meeting boys/men.  Which lead to a full blown crush in adulthood and full dissection on Miss Cupcake and Dale's couch...
So first night of celebration involved making "cocktails" at Miss Cupcake's house with Jackie and Emma.  Jackie and I took charge and invented the potato cocktail, as that was the only vegetable in Miss Cupcakes house!  No fruit!  Anyway after several of these cocktails (which were vodka and cranberry juice in a posh plastic cup, with a potato on the side and a flag from the top) we headed into town for the usual merriment and self entertainment in our local Weatherspoons and more drinks. 

Across the pub I noticed someone who I had a long term no-go crush on.  He was a friend of the brother of Him.  I knew him well as throughout my 6 year relationship with Him, we frequently socialised.  He is one of the people you think are fit but would never act on.  I said hello on my next trip to the bar thought nothing of it and rejoined the girls.  As the only smoker of the group (I know, I am bad) I went out for a cigarette with Jackie for company.  On lighting up Mr T. and his friends came out for a cigarette also.  And literally as soon as I looked up Mr T. came over and said hello and engaged in conversation.  It had been a while since I had seen him so it was small talk, you know "How you doing? how you been?" etc.  Then he came out with a rather suggestive comment about my appearance and the trousers that I was wearing.  Which in my usual fashion I blushed at and just tried to brush over so the blushing would disappear!
For your records the trousers were wet-look leggings.  Everyone has staple items, go-to items and things that suit them.  Mine all involve leather or pleather!
We went on to the next pub which plays music and actually has a dance floor and after a few more drinks, Emma and Jackie decide to call it a night but Miss Cupcake and I decided to stay on.  We requested "our" song (Katy Perry's Firework) and we were dancing by the DJ, whom we knew, when Mr T. came dancing over to us with his friends.  OK so he was flirting with me?  I wasn't sure but sort of flirted back I think.  A few minutes later we all end up closer to the bar on the other side of the dance floor and I am looking/talking to Mr T. when next thing I know he has leant in and kissed me.  I didn't pull away even though I knew that it was completely wrong and inappropriate given that he was friends with my ex.  He pushed me backwards with his kiss so that we weren't in the middle of the dance floor any more but we were at the bottom of the stairs in a corner.  Still kissing.  About half and hour later, we were still kissing.  He told me exactly the things he wishes we were doing, and that he wishes we were somewhere more private.  I told him that he knew that I wasn't that kind of girl and it would definitely take more than telling me that to get what he wanted!  Cheeky sod!  However there was clearly an attraction there, drunk or other.  And like a 90's disco the lights came up, the music went off and we were given marching orders.  Another kiss goodbye and we walked in opposite directions.  At that point I realised that I had left Miss Cupcake on her own for about an hour whilst in the corner kissing.  Oh crap I am a bad friend.  However on the promise of chips she forgave me. 
The next thing I know, I am waking up fully clothed, with my shoes still on, on the floor of Miss Cupcakes spare room.  Ouch, my head.  Oh Crap I kissed Mr T.  Oh Crap, I inboxed Mr T. on Facebook last night.  Oh Crap...


  1. A small market town under development Lol!!!

    1. I have edited it! Thank you for alerting me! What was in my head, and what I wrote were two different things!

      I am having trouble with the formatting of it at the moment, It keeps deciding where it wants to put a space instead of where I want to put a space.. any suggestions?!


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