Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I Should Never Be Allowed Near A Supermarket Again...

Refreshed from holiday, but a little gutted that it is over, I start thinking once again about my situation.  The holiday itself was the turning point, the I can't go back, point.  And it was a relief to have that perspective, but I still wasn't over it.  I was also at a point where I was wondering if something like what He did to me is something you ever get over, or something you just learn to deal with?
Whilst I was moving on from Him, I had lots of considerations and fears (as I have previously mentioned!) and now was the time to start working on them.  I thought that the continuation of dating would be the way forward, but I also know that things happen when you least expect them..

...I was suffering the worst toothache ever.  I went to Tesco to get some paracetamol and this tooth gel stuff I had seen advertised.  Walking past the tampon section I see the most amazing suit.  This suit just happened to be on the body of an absolute god! So heaven was at Tesco!  (I feel that now is a good time to let you know that the ex boyfriend worked for Tesco, and that this was not the first person I had looked at in a supermarket and thought wow!)

So maybe the draw is a supermarket?  Everyone has different tastes and Tesco is mine! Oh goodness!  Anyway back to what happened.. I was admiring Suit Man for a few seconds and composed myself back to why I was actually there!  I found exactly what I was looking for, paid at the pharmacy counter as opposed to the checkout and left.  I got back to the mini, closed the door and started to sort out my handbag.  I was looking down when I heard a knock at the window of the driver side.  I looked up and it was Suit Man. 
A million thoughts are rushing through my head all at the same time, but by the time I had opened the window I was remarkably composed and I think rather cool!  He started talking "please don't think I'm stalking you or anything, but I noticed you in there (points to Tesco) and thought you were really pretty, I just wondered if you were single?".  I am! Of course I don't say it like this though!  Now the sort of man I go for has confidence.  There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance which makes it really hard to find a guy, but I love confidence and would say that this is probably the top quality I go for in a man.  It must have taken a lot of courage and confidence to come over to me in my car and say that.  I was impressed!  I let him know that I am single and he asks "maybe we could go for a drink sometime?".  Yep I am liking how this is going.  And my toothache has gone!  Talk about killing two birds with one stone! 

I gave Suit Man my card (an excellent investment now!) and said goodbye.  By the time I got back I had a text from him.  Something along the lines of "it was really nice to meet you and you really are very pretty.  I'm glad that you said you were single!"... The texts went back and forth for most of the afternoon but stopped at about 5.  We had arranged to meet the following week for a lunchtime drink.  Perfect.  I went straight to Miss Cupcake's house at the first opportunity and relay what happened.  It just so happens that her mother in law was also at hers that day and she was also rather intrigued by my story.  Following the excitement I realise I've got lots to do and must get home.  Standing at the doorway saying goodbye Miss Cupcake notices that in the light my dress is see through!  Maybe that's what caught his attention?!  It provides several laughs!

The thing with this man was that he had it all so far.  He definitely had the looks, he had the confidence and now the personality given that in text we seemed to have enough in common to get along, but a lot of differences in that we had something to talk about!  I fancied him! 
When it came to the day I was to meet him I started to get my panic on.  I hate dating.  I know I have to do it, and I like the idea of what happens when you meet someone you like.  But I find dating really hard.  I did it though.  I met him and yes there was a definite spark.  And he was handsome (I come back to this point, because the fancying someone is something I have found hard).  The texts continue and the lunchtime rendezvous continue.  But everything happens before 5pm... hmmmmm.  I question this and he didn't really have a response.. Alarm bells start going off.. Is he married?!  I know that he has two young sons, but he said he was divorced.  I am also confused as to why he would be lying because he approached me.
We arranged to meet one evening and he cancelled because of work commitments.  There go the alarm bells again.  I confided in Miss Cupcake and she agreed that it was very strange.  He was giving me all the signals that said yep I really like you, but then come 17.00 it all stopped.  A few days after this I receive a text saying "I understand if you want to go elsewhere as I am complicated."  Damn right he was complicated.  That was kind of the end of that.  It was a shame because it started so well and if it had worked it would have made an amazing story of how we met!

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