Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tattoos and Giggles...

So we are standing outside the tattoo shop and I'm all geared up for it (I am petrified of needles, faint at the sight of blood and can't watch Holby City) and we are making our final decisions on what tattoos to have then I come out with.. "maybe tomorrow night, shall we just go skinny dipping instead?!"... totally serious... and everyone agreed!!

So we get to the beach and the 4 of us are taking our clothes off (hang on there were 5 people at the tattoo shop).... Low and behold, I turn to see a naked, boob jiggling run down the beach from Miss Handsome! Oh crap, if she drowns coz she is too drunk I'm gonna have to tell her family! ... "I'm coming wait for me"... So the panic of the possibility of her drowning sobered me up and now I was skinny dipping.  SOBER!  Well this was a first!..

This holiday was teaching me a lot of things.. and on around the fourth day I kind of let go of being uptight.  I actually relaxed.  Nakedness between Miss H and I was starting to seem pretty normal!  And she did me a special little dance every night after her shower!  I would say more for comedy effect than anything else and my goodness the girl should do stand up comedy dances!

One evening as Miss Handsome and I were getting ready to continue our cheeky antics, something happened to rival 'knock knock'.  Fresh from the shower, and her dance routine Miss H puts on her serious voice and starts to be really sweet and it was such a touching moment.  You know, a rare type of moment where everything kind of stops.  She said "I feel like I'm going home from this holiday with a new best friend" and then she farted!  Well who knew a fart could be so funny to grown adults?!  I was laughing so much because it sounded like a front bottom fart that she was trying to ignore.. I was in full on stomach crunching laughter.  We composed ourselves about ten minutes later and she confirmed that it was in fact a regular bottom burp as opposed to the front bottom variety!  You may think it was a tender moment ruined.. I think it was an amzing moment that is now a treasured memory.

It is moments like that, that softened the annoyance my OCD was causing.  I threw a major tantrum on around the fifth night as up until now the issue hadn't been brought up and I think Miss H just thought I was being a brat.  My routine was disrupted by Miss H sitting in a different chair.. It threw me and I just didnt know how to deal with it... After a little silence we had a chat and all was restored.  We can't all be perfect all of the time can we?

Just as I was properly getting into holiday mode it was time to go home.  Sad times.  Our transfer back to the airport wasn't until 3am so we had one last night out.  When we got to the airport we looked around for The Lone Traveller but he wasn't there and he wasn't on our flight.  I finished the holiday as it had started... drunk at the airport...

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  1. This is bloody hilarious. can't wait to read the rest. keep up the trouble


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