Monday, 2 January 2012

My BFF's Sisters Wedding...

So it's been a while, and I apologise profusely for that, but you will see in time that I have been having a LOT of adventures with my Mini, which I think you will all find very interesting...

So after a trip to Greece and a supermarket disaster I was invited to Miss Cupcake's sisters wedding.  I've practically become an honarary member of this family now as I am at every event the hold or go to pretty much!  And I love weddings and is there a better place to meet hot guys?!  And the genius of it all... the wedding was far away from home!
The night before the wedding Mr Perfect who irritates me took me to watch take that at Wembley.  Mr Perfect tried to kiss me... Damn him ruining Gary Barlows 'A Million Love Songs'...

I was tired, and it was hot so I threw on a LBD and drove to the wedding venue with 4 hours to spare giving me time to get there, grab something to eat and get changed.  A 1 hour and 45 minute journey took me 3 hours and 50 minutes.. Oh Dear, this wasn't a good start.  I run from the mini into the hotel practically strip in the hallway in an attempt to get into my dress in time and with a slick of red lipstick and a very tight figure enhancing black and beige strapless number, emerge looking ok.  Even if I do say so myself!  I get down to the hotel reception just in time to hop into a car and cadge a lift to the church with another wedding guest!

At the church I am scanning the pews for an attractive man to be my entertainment for the day.  I spot Mr S (the grooms brother) and say hello.  I get a pat on the shoulder... so he hasn't forgiven me for not accepting a second date!  This is going to be interesting!  I noticed no holes in todays attire!

So weddings are great, but everyone loves the bit after the ceremony right?!  The party!  Plenty of drinking occurred before the meal and my eyes are a little squiffy (do people still use that term?!)...  I still haven't seen anyone who remotely interests me.. Oh well. I'll admit defeat then!
The music starts and Mr S asks if I would like to dance when 'a slow one' comes on and I thought "why not?"... He obviously knew the score... or did he?  Just having a giggle with him when his hand moved down to my bottom... good god how on earth do I move them without looking like an absolute bitch?!
Some more up beat music came on and I'm just dancing with Miss Cupcake when... Some I Fancy starts dancing... bloody hell, I actually fancy him, not because I am trying to but I just do!!  So the tight dress wasn't for nothing after all! I won't even pretend I wasn't flirting something chronic! I wanted this man and Goddammit I was going to have him!!

Eventually after two hours he took my hand and lead me to the door and we walked out of the reception and into the main reception with a lot of eyes watching us (am I blushing?!)  we walk over to the guest book casually and start writing an entry and I turn around, look up and next thing I know is furious kissing (WOW!) we stop, I turn back to the guest book and continue to write... Just as Miss Cupcake and the bride walk out!  She said "well I expected you two to be all over each other!"  I loved knowing that only seconds before we were, felt a little naughty!

We re-enter the room with the music, flirt a little more and he said "am I staying in my room tonight?"  I replied "no" and we left the room for the final time at about midnight.  Walking along the hall (it was long!) and I turned around to see, Miss Cupcake, her father, her mother, the bride and the groom all looking... oh god now not only "oh crap, he is gonna see me naked" but "oh crap, they all know I'm gonna be naked!"

We get to my room and in a drunken haze, my (very worth it expensive and tight) dress was on the floor and I can honestly say I've never been happier that a guy knew how to take off my bra!  Needless to say that we had sex (am I allowed to say that?!)... however, it was sex with a difference, because yes sex with someone different is very different to how it was with Him, and boy have I been missing out!  The thing with This Guy was that we had a lot of sexual tension which unfortunately turned into a row about an hour or two in (I was very drunk and can't really remember the timescale!)... He almost left during the row, but we ended up getting naked again! I'm not sure how!

When It was over, and do not ask me why, but I called my mum to tell her!! Thing is... she was in Turkey on holiday!  What made me think that would be appropriate?!  But she understood and asked "how was it? Will you do it again?"  My response "hell no!"  Well, whilst it was exceptionally fun, it was a one night thing, I didn't want any more one night things, I found out that I really was a relationship kind of girl and nothing would change that....

This guy asked for my phone number and I gave it to him purely on the basis that he knew I lived nowhere near him and that we all know it is a formality and that he wouldn't call.. and I didn't want him to!!

I went down for breakfast and all eyes were on me!  The wedding guests all know who I am and all about "the train crash" of my life.. so they also knew how long it had been since I was with anyone!  I sit down to tuck into breakfast sitting with Miss Cupcake and Dale and the groom pipes up about This Guy saying he had a girlfriend... Oh Shit!... In my defence I didn't know that :-/

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