Friday, 21 October 2011

I Know What I Want... Kissing A Prince...

I wasn't even reluctant when Jackie decides that she thinks she knows the man for me.  From my perspective things surely can't get any worse and he may just be my dream man!  Telephone numbers swapped, a text simply saying something along the lines of do you want to get a drink sometime, which I reply yes to and that was that for a while... not my dream man so far! 

I'm all about a man making an effort.. I was with Him for 6 years and whilst I loved him so much he didn't have much drive and wasn't very forward.  This is something that I wasn't crazy about so why make the same mistake twice?  Jackies man just stopped texting and that was that for a while.
So what happened next...?

I have a brother who is exceptionally talented and decided to join the army.. to say I was proud is an understatement.  I couldn't have been more proud of someone taking such a life changing step.  But it did bring to light how unhappy I was.  To see someone where everything was going right made me look at how wrong everything was going for me.

To celebrate the leaving home we ventured out.  I got very drunk.  This seems to be an increasing feature in my life... I am not saying I have got an alcohol problem or anything, but I feel a lot more comfortable and confident when I have had a drink and I am definitely getting into my stride as a happy drunk at this point.  Little miss sensible did have an outing that night though as even though I was probably beyond drunk, I stuck to vodka (the only drink I can really handle).  Anyway after much persuasion after people were trailing off home, I managed to convince my dad and a couple of his friends that it would be an excellent idea to move on somewhere else... big mistake.  These men are generally triple my measly weight.. there is no way that I can keep up but I'm giving it my best shot!!  So we get to the next bar and low and behold I see a prince.  I start kissing said prince.  In front of my dad.  That's not the bad bit... I say goodbye to prince and swap numbers/Facebooks and my dad has to carry me home.  OMG when did I get myself to this sorry state.  Although I think my dad was secretly very happy at the point of carrying home that I was such a small person as he was quite merry himself!

The next morning arrives, I wake up but can't move.  I move my phone towards me to save the room from spinning and checked Facebook.  So I didn't kiss a prince last night...?  Oh my goodness I kissed my brothers friend.  Oh crap! And an extra piece of crap.. He has text me...

So I meet men, I pull men, men fancy me, but I just don't fancy them.  So now old fear: "oh crap, I've eventually got to let someone else see me naked" is coupled with "eeeerrrr, I've got to see someone else naked"... I'm not even exagerrating... the thought filled me with pure dread, I do not want to see a naked man.  ever!  Maybe I'm ready to join the convent?! 

Needless to say I wasn't happy.  A few days later I was officially redundant... everything I had, was gone... Rock Bottom.  No boyfriend, no job.  3 days later I went to Greece's finest party Isle.....