Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Lone Traveller...

So I am a person whose life has always been pretty mapped out.  I've always kind of known what direction I want to be going in and I've always worked hard to achieve that.  Getting to where I want to be was always the priority.

...Following the redundancy a friend asked if I had holiday plans and I didn't so we literally booked and went to Greece.  When I broke up with Him, annual events were one of the first things that I thought about.  I suppose I was really selfish.  I didn't think about not being with Him, I was thinking about all the single things I was going to have to do, you know like not automatically having a date to events, like who do I go on holiday with etc etc.  Miss Handsome's holiday offer was exceptionally welcome.

I wasn't particularly close to Miss Handsome before that holiday.  I would have always classed her a friend, but we didn't see each other a lot and we weren't the kind of friends who rang each other twice a day for a catch up... Little was I to know that the second best decision I was going to make in the healing process would be going to Greece. 

This holiday wouldn't have been my first choice, but I decided that I would embrace the randomness of the whole situation and go with it.  Not living in the same town I agreed to meet Miss H at the airport... The antics began within 5 minutes!  Knowing that she has a tendancy to be ditzy (she is in fact one of the most intelligent people I know) I ask her where her passport is... "in my suitcase"... who puts their passport in their suitcase?!  She was carrying hand luggage as well!  I could see how this holiday was going to go.. Or could I?

Following dinner at the airport and enough cigarettes to get through the trip we go through security and set up at the bar and wait for our flight... We both got asked for ID and that was a nice gesture! I am not sure if she was being serious, but we both quite liked it! I got drunk before we got on the plane and it felt brilliant to be doing something so random.  A quick toilet stop before boarding the flight seemed a good idea so in our tipsy state Miss H and I go in cubicles next to each other.  All of a sudden.. Knock Knock coming from the next cubicle.  Who would have thought this gesture would render us unable to move for a fit of laughter for about 5 minutes.. and then the entire following week?!  But it did.. and 5 months later.. still as hilarious as the moment it happened!

We sit down on the plane, Miss H by the window me in the middle... When a lone traveller sits next to us.   Feeling particularly sociable I start chatting to the lone traveller.  For the entire 4 hour flight.  It was quite a long flight because a couple of rows away was a screaming child.  The Lone Traveller decided to get his laptop from the overhead locker to watch a film and block out the noise!  As he reached up to get it Miss H and I both looked at each other.. He had an amazing stomach under that T-shirt!  We didn't exchange numbers or anything, we just said nice to meet you and we will see you on the return flight...

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