Saturday 15 September 2012

I Was Stupid In Front Of Johnny Depp...

I got up the next morning and ran to the bathroom before anyone could see me.  Luckily it was quiet and there wasn't anyone around.  I took my make up and made sure I looked imaculate on my exit!  You know, the shampoo advert look: perfect make-up, wet but neat hair and a towel.  A much better way to bump into someone... I didn't though, everyone was already out at work.  I started at 10, which was unusually late compared to the UK, but it seems that nothing happens here until at least 10.  I went off to work as usual on Chapel Street.

Later in the day after lunch I was almost falling asleep I was so tired, so I popped out to get me and Barb a coffee form the shop next door.. Chappellis.  As I walked in I looked up at the counter and saw Johnny Depp looking back at me.  Jesus, Joseph and Mary.  Now you would think I would ask to have my photo taken with him or get his autograph wouldn't you?  And I did I do that?  Of course not... I went weak at the knees and said "you don't look the same without your eyeliner on, I think I fancy you more with it,  Don't worry, I still would"... He smiled, I apologised and went red and then just got embarrassed.  Man I needed to learn to be cooler.

I got home and told my new housemates about what had happened, they laughed!  I had by this point learnt their names but hadn't got to know them.  I noticed them in different orders:  Firstly Towel Guy, Or Mickey.  He had a lovely jaw.  Then Adam, he was tall, could play the guitar and was incredulously good looking.  Male model like.  My friends from home saw a picture of him and they all thought he was handsome.  Then there was Jim, he wore glasses and was really funny.  And finally a tall dude call Tim.

It was several days until I properly got to know them and before I met the famous Ruby, the lesbian that lived at Clarence Street.  I was nervous about meeting her, the boys always spoke so highly of her, I was petrified that she would hate me...

Until We Meet Again... xx

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