About Me...

I am Missi, a 25 year old, well educated woman being thrown blind into a brand new world with no idea of what is about to happen.  I am often described as sarcastic and cynical with a witty twist, and have an extremely analytical mind.  With a tendancy to be blunt in the way I speak and my direct mannerisms I am a walking contradiction!  This contradiction coupled with being a person who is not naturally affectionate can be a real challenge... Leading to situations which are all round awkward, uncomfortable but in the end entertaining!  I have given my close friends many laughs with tales of my travels and my antics... this blog has been a long time coming in my rise to reach a status of OK.  I am rediscovering my inner 18 year old self whilst learning to grow as an adult.  The two often don't mix well. 
You can send me an email to theadventuresofmeandmymini@gmail.com and I will do my best to respond to all emails xx

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