Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Preparation Is Fun...

I had not been enjoying life outside of the love encounters for a while, and suddenly I had some focus!  I didn't realise just how many things I had to do.  With my ticket bought, a visa was essential and then there was the sorting out money, packing my life in 20kg and saying my goodbyes.  All in the matter of a few weeks.  "Oh Crap", I was wondering if I had made the right choice?

The Perfect Gent was in Sydney and there was no way at all that I was going to go half way across the world for a man.  That made my decision for Melbourne quite easy.  I also knew Colin and Tanisha were already here and it all seemed to fit onto place.  It also meant that I would finally be in the same country as The Perfect Gent and close enough that if anything was going to happen it could.  I decided to take a leap of faith on that one.

Back to Mr. T... I made a decision that was two-fold.  Firstly I was leaving the country.  Whatever was going to happen had to have an expiration date, and had to be a secret.  No matter what He had done to me, two wrongs do not make a right and I would never want to hurt or upset him.  It is just not my nature.  It also had to be no-strings.  There was no way I was getting into another situation like with The Perfect Gent.  The one where I fall for a guy but end up being on opposite sides of the world and I get a broken heart.  Absolutley no way.  I was taking control of this one.

I arranged to meet Mr. T. at his house.  Made sense since he had his own and I was living with my parents (Not doing that again!)... In the days leading up to our meeting a lot of steamy texts and facebook inboxes were shared and I was extremely excited at the new secret I was about to make.  I say secret, Miss Cupcake knew all about it straight away!  Of course, I had to tell someone.

As I told you before I have known Mr. T for ages but this made me even more nervous.  I knocked on the door and what followed next was exactly what I had predicted....

He opened the door, gave me his cheeky "come here, I want you now" smile and I was hooked.  Kissing me hard and passionately I am pushed up against the wall in absolute heaven!  As his hand grazed my thigh I knew that this was going to be good!  There was no doubt that there were six years of built up sexual tension making this so good.

You know what happened next... I am not going to make this a sex blog.  It is an important player, but I think that there are plenty of sex blogs out there and this is more about the life events rather than steamy tales...

Once said encounter was encountered we had a cigarette and a chat and it was totally normal... I liked this!  It was going to be successful.  I think the agreement that it would be our secret totally worked, I couldn't get embarrassed because he would never tell anyone what happened and vice versa (excluding Miss Cupcake!)  I left his house satisfied and happy.  We text each other that night before bed...

Until Next Time... xx

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