Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Believe This Is What They Call Flirting...

I remember after I dropped The Perfect Gent home and as I was driving home that I had the biggest smile on my face.  I walked through the door wishing that my mum was awake so I could tell her everything.  She wasn't so it would have to wait until morning.  Miss Cupcake had text me though, and I told her all about it, the big smile still on my face...  I text The Perfect Gent, thanked him for a lovely evening and went to sleep happy.
When I woke up the next day I saw a message on my phone from him and oh look that smile is back!  We are texting for a little bit and he said "I'm not sure you even like me" which naturally I replied "ditto" to.  We ended up in a "why wouldn't I like you", "why wouldn't I like you" circle.. I believe this is what they call flirting!  Throughout the day we are pinging messages back and forth and later in the evening he said "when are you going to take me out again?"... I liked his cheeky side.

We arranged to meet the following day... I couldn't wait!  I had forgotten that I had promised my mum that I would give her a lift to her Christmas meal with work though which was a bit of a drive.  I would have to do some juggling.  

I got dressed for my date and drove my mum and her friend the 40 minutes to the hotel where the meal was, and returned to Treetown and went straight to The Perfect Gent.  I explained that I didn't have all evening as I would have to pick my mother up.  He said why didn't we drive to the town where she was having her meal and go for some drinks and then pick her up on our way back.  This had already crossed my mind, but I thought he would be freaked out at the idea of meeting my mum on the second date!  I was quite happy though as I wanted her opinion...

Whilst in the pub we had chosen we had a couple of games of pool and then sat down and were just chatting... I was nervous as hell... and I am pretty sure he knew that I was.  He was very gracious about it though.  It was a butterflies date.. literally had butterflies the whole time.  I love it when someone has this effect on me, because it takes someone special to do that.  And you know when you just know that something clicks and it feels right?  It was like that! 

When the time came that we had to leave we stepped outside and the christmas lights were twinkling the whole way down the street.  It was raining and again cold, but we stopped for a moment at the door and it would have been the perfect moment to kiss.  We didn't though.

We pulled up outside the hotel and saw my mum and Jeanie walking towards the car.. No turning back now.  I had pre-warned my mum not to say anything that might embarrass me.  To start with I just felt plain awkward and I had gone bright red yet again.  Lucky for me it was dark and you couldn't see the blushing.  He was so polite to my mum asking her if she had had a good evening and started chatting to her straight away.  Someone who isn't scared of mothers.. this is good. 

I dropped Jeanie off and then realised that I would have to obviously drop The Perfect Gent home before my mother (obviously since we lived under the same roof) and I knew that this meant no kissing... again.  I was wondering if it was ever going to happen.  When we pulled up to where he lived he got out of the Mini and my mum decided that she would get into the front.  In a skirt and from the back of a Mini this was quuite difficult to do with dignity.  The Perfect Gent lived up to his namesake, by holding his hand out for my mum.  I shouted goodbye through the passenger door and he walked away.  I already wanted to see him again.  As we drove down the street my mum said about the way he held his hand out for her and that was her impressed.

He called almost as soon as I walked in the door to say that he had left something in my car.  This made me happy because it meant I would get to see him the next day when I dropped it off...

Until We Meet Again... xx


  1. Love this.. Is the perfect gent your boyfriend?

  2. I can't tell you that! The next post will be out soon as, hopefully by tomorrow! I have started writing it, just having a crazy day today! Would you expect anything less?!... xx


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